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Low-Priced CNC-Controlled Polishing Machine for Spherical and Aspherical Optics up to Ø 80 mm




  • Low-Priced CNC-controlled polishing machine with integrated 3-axis oscillation movement of the polishing tool around the lens center
  • Polishing tool correction technology OCT (OptoTech Correction Technology) available
  • 2-spindle version
  • Siemens Sinumerik 840D Solution Line CNC-controller
  • Options: HydroSpeed® Polishing Technology; Softwarepackage for asphere processing; Exhaust Filter System for Mist Collection; Automatic handling for disk magazine and for DIN palette (with NC portal loader)



Range of Application:

Polishing of sperical and aspherical surfaces made of glass, plastics or ceramics


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