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CNC-Controlled 6-Axis Optical Machine Center for Polishing and Fine-Correction of Aspheres (Axis and Off-Axis Aspheres) and Freeform Surfaces up to Ø 500 mm



  • 5+1-Axis polishing and correction polishing machine for pre-polishing and highly accurate correction polishing of pre-polished workpieces made of glass, ceramics etc.
  • The large range of usable tools like Polishing Wheel (Wheel Polishing Technology), Active Fluid Jet Polishing (A-FJP), tools for SynchroSpeed polishing and different pitch and membrane tools make the MCP-Series a universal machine for optical processing
  • Maximum flexibility combined with the largest possible working chamber
  • Different expansion options offer maximum variability
  • Full online connection between the entire working cell (MCG Series with MCP Series and Metrology). Even freeform surfaces can be fine corrected by correction dataset
  • Direct interface to tactile and optical surface measuring systems like Taylor-Hobson Form Talysurf, Mahr MarSurf, Mitutoyo or OptoTech Interferometers
  • Use of conventional consumables (e.g. Cerium oxide as the polishing medium, polyurethane as the polishing medium carrier)
  • Optional Hydro Expansion Chuck (HD 25, HD 40 or HD 80)  


Range of Application:

For polishing spheres, aspheres, cylinders, freeform surfaces and plano surfaces in all variations 


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