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Autocollimation Testing and Blocking Unit for Cementing Optics onto Exchangeable Spindles



  • Ideal complement to the WZM 150 CNC centering machine
  • Usable for standard exchangeable spindles Ø 42 mm (others on request)
  • Rigid cast aluminium tower
  • Z-Axis height adjustment using linear guides for highest precision
  • Easy to handle due to vertical design
  • Quick and accurate cementing of lenses onto exchangeable spindles
  • Up-to-date PC for visualisation
  • Software: Digital stripe plate for easy scaling of the measuring range
  • Options: Various Exchangeable Spindles; Digital Positioning Display; Motor-driven Adjustment of the Objective Position; OEG COMEF Analysis Software; Integrated heat source for heating the cementing arbor; Air pressure manipulator


Range of Application:

For cementing optics onto exchangeable spindles


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